Defense Specific

SNC has over a decade of experience in supporting implementation of Command & Control solutions in the military. Our capabilities have matured over this period enabling potential for expansion into the non-military sector notably in civil defense/security and disaster management. Our experience spans the entire spectrum ranging from as-is situation assessment, requirement specifications, thru design specifications development, design development support, implementation and operational support. Our technical specialists possess demonstrated competence in installation and integration of Operational Centers (including their associated systems) as well as various C&C sensors such as cameras, intrusion detector devices, electronic communication systems/ links, networks, radars & navigation systems, radars that function in concert to provide essential inputs to regional/ central NOCs.

SNC has demonstrated the capability to install and operate military mission planning systems that have performed exceedingly well in high-stress operational situations and enhanced operational effectiveness and reliability. This has opened up additional opportunities in terms of upgrades and functionality expansions. Our competency in this field is ready-to-go to replicate this success in organisations that operate aircraft for multiple roles.

SNC over its growth period has developed and built up a pool of highly experienced resources capable of supporting EW training to all arms of the military. Our SMEs can offer valuable support in this area ranging from training requirements analysis, training Planning & Design incorporating customized tactics, On-ground training support and Post Training / Exercise Analysis.

SNC has the demonstrated capability to install and operate simulators notably in the field of military aviation in associated with internationally reputed technology partners.

SNC’s employs a number of highly experienced ex-military Subject Matter Experts (SME) who have the intellectual competence and depth of knowledge, to facilitate the development of operational concepts and procedures to match customer requirements. The development of customized CONOPS always involves intense customer and equipment manufacturer inputs and our SME can play an important role in facilitating the process of CONOPS development.

SNCs through its qualified and experienced professionals offer consultancy services in the following areas;

  • Product Placement and Sales Strategy – Military
  • Product Placement and Sales Strategy – Security in IT, OT and Physical
  • Market analyses and Business/Market Intelligence
  • Processes – Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Organizational transformation – Change Management
  • Command & Control Systems – studies involving diverse use-cases and contingencies

Risk Assessment – short / long term threat analysis